Useful links

The following links are for this Lodge’s governing and administering bodies where more information regarding Freemasonry can be found:

  • The United Grand Lodge of England is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. It’s Headquarters are at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AZmasonic centre2
    Entrance doors leading to the Grand Temple.
  • The Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry.The Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England describes Royal Arch as the following:-

    In England, the Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of “pure ancient Masonry”. In the Craft the candidate is presented with a series of eminently practical principles and tenets which if he practices them he may hope to live a life pleasing to his God, however he worships him, and of service to his fellow man. But man is not simply a practical being, he has an essential spiritual aspect to his nature. That spiritual aspect is introduced in the Third Degree, in which the candidate is led to a contemplation of man’s inevitable destiny, and becomes the central message of the Royal Arch. In that sense, “pure ancient Masonry” can be seen as a journey of self – knowledge and discovery with the Royal Arch completing the practical lessons of the Craft by a contemplation of man’s spiritual nature, not replacing but reinforcing and supporting what he has learned from his religion.

  • Our Lodge is administered by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London