The comments listed below have been taken from Lodge members when asked what they enjoyed most regarding being a Freemason

“I joined the Freemasons after hearing about them from a friend who was a Freemason. I have immensely enjoyed the camaraderie and the feeling that we are helping charities at the same time.”
“I have been a Freemason for twenty years and feel proud to be part of an organisation that does so many good things for both local and national charities. I also enjoy the social aspect of being a Freemason.”
“Freemasonry has given me a sense of well-being having joined a like minded group of people who try to help others when needed or when the opportunity arises.”
“I joined freemasonry through my father. I liked the idea of the camaraderie and belonging to a group outside of work. I particularly enjoy the ceremonial and social aspects of masonry.”
“When the chance arose I decided I wanted to become a Freemason because I wanted to join with like minded people who shared similar ethics and returned something to society by way of supporting charity. What I get out of Freemasonry in general is the knowledge that I am part of an organisation that that makes a real and positive contribution to society. Being in the City of London Rifles is great because of the friends I have made,  supporting local charities and yes enjoy a convivial beverage or two.”
“I have always liked belonging, I belonged to the Cubs and I belonged to the Sea Cadets. As I grew older I realised that I missed the camaraderie, teamwork & ceremonial side to those organisations. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to join Freemasonry I was pleased to find that a similar ethos applied. This aspect, together with the charitable works that Freemasons undertake, gives me a feeling of ‘belonging’ again and I feel that I am doing good and giving something back to society at the same time.”