City of London Rifles Lodge Class of Instruction History

The Lodge is blessed with a strong Class of Instruction (C.of. I.). It meets in the Lower Morden area every Thursday.

The C.of. I. have in the past given the Lodge assistance in supplying various items of regalia including minute books to be used by the Lodge Secretaries and more recently a Master’s Collar, with the names of every Master inscribed on the links.

The C.of. I. hold a supper every year where an inscribed silver chalice with the names of the President for every year is displayed. The monies raised at these suppers go towards the general fund for Charities and possible requirements of the Lodge.

After the Second World War, an event called a ‘Gavel Shoot’ was held every year at Bisley. A team of eight or so representative members of the Lodge would compete against Army or Civilian teams, with a Gavel as a prize. The shoot was over 200, 500 and 1000 yards and the event lasted all day. The Lodge holds the Marcus cup that is displayed at the C.of. I. supper each year and is inscribed with the name of the ‘best shot’ from the Gavel shoot.

In 1976 the competition was held for the last time and it is believed that the last Brother to win the cup was the father of one of the previous Lodge’s Secretaries.

In the past the suppers were held at the Drill Hall, Stonecot Hill, during the year. They were quite sumptuous affairs with Salmon, Chickens, Turkeys and sides of Beef set out on long tables which would be groaning under the weight of the food.