Details of the initial Lodge meeting 1936

Part of the Orientation given at the Lodge’s Consecration

Here lies the tragedy of our peace

Not that men are poor

All men know something of poverty

Not that men are wicked

Who can claim to be good?

Not that men are ignorant

Who can boast that he is wise?

But that men are strangers

The Warrant was granted in March 1936 and the Lodge was consecrated on the 26th May 1936 at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street.

The Founder Members included seven members of Earl Roberts Lodge 3151 our Mother Lodge.

It is noted that some of the Founder members, were given accreditation in their help in producing the original book of the regimental history, in 1938, by the author Capt. E.G. Godfrey, M.C.

The consecration meeting list of attendees included 56 guests.

This included six members of Earl Roberts Lodge, one member of T Square Lodge (Sister Lodge) and six Honorary Members who participated in the consecration of the Lodge.

The next meeting took place on 13th October 1936 at the Hotel Great Central, Marylebone, N.W.1, in accordance with the Book of Constitution. The meetings were held in the months of October, December, January with an Installation meeting in March.

The names of Members who attended Lodge Meetings were kept in a small booklet, which was issued every year.

The Grand Lodge dues were paid in March and the first payment was 4 shillings. The initiation fees were 27 shillings and 6 pence.
The first joining member’s fee was 5 shillings. Visitors dining fees were 15 shillings. The installation fee was £1.

The Lodge would use Universal Working for their ceremonies.