1945 – Present day

In 1945 the Hotel Great Central was purchased by the London & North Eastern Railway Company and on the 27th February 1951 the Lodge Byelaws were agreed and amended to transfer meetings to Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street.

Special dispensations were given by United Grand Lodge of England and the Province of Surrey, for the Lodge to hold the following emergency meetings at the Regimental Headquarters in the T.A. Hall at Stonecot Hill:-

26th May 1951, 24th May 1952 and 2nd May 1953 to initiate two Brothers at each meeting

8th May 1954 and 14th May 1955 to pass a Brother at each meeting.

At meetings held in the fifties and sixties it was the normal thing to have a large number of visitors. Twenty five to thirty was generally the accepted number and quite often many more. Rather different from todays numbers.

To this day the Class of Instruction still holds its meetings once a week in the Officers’ Mess at the Drill Hall, Stonecot Hill.

Unfortunately, the Lodge minutes for the meetings held between September 1950 and March 1990 are no longer in possession of the Lodge. Their whereabouts are unknown and it is feared that they are lost forever.

The last active serviceman was initiated into the Lodge on the 12th May 1956.

The Lodge opened its membership to those other than members of the Regiment in 1968.

The first member of the Lodge to receive the honour of Senior London Grand Rank was in 1991.

In March 1994 some of the Brethren were guests of The Builders of the Silent Cities Lodge No.12 for a Craft meeting in Lille, France.

By request of the Worshipful Master and the Secretary of Pegasus Forces Lodge No.9393 in accordance with Rule 173a Book of Constitutions at the meeting of 13th December 1994 the Lodge raised two Brothers of Pegasus Forces Lodge in their Chelsea Pensioner’s uniform.

Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London took over the administration of London Lodges from London Management on 1st October 2003. London Lodges having previously been administered by Grand Lodge.

The second member of the Lodge to receive the honour of Senior London Grand Rank was on 23rd February 2006.

The last link between the Regiment and the Lodge was lost when the member resigned and subsequently passed to the ‘Grand Lodge above’ in February 2008.

After a lot of diligent research undertaken by one of the Lodge members, the Regimental mace and Colour flag was given to the Lodge following the disbandment of The 6th City of London Rifle Old Comrade Association. These are on display at Lodge meetings and held in Freemasons Hall.

Colour flag and mace

The Lodge members have worn and continue to wear the Regimental tie at Lodge meetings and have contributed to the Fovant Badge Society to assist in maintaining the Regimental badge in the chalk hills of Wiltshire.

The Lodge organises yearly Ladies Festivals as a social event and to raise monies for charity.


The Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the Lodge meeting held in Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street on Tuesday 9th December 1986. The Festive Board was held in the adjoining Connaught Rooms.

The Lodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary at the Lodge meeting held in Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street on Wednesday 14th September 2011. The Festive Board was held at the nearby Imperial Hotel.

At that meeting all Brethren received a specially commissioned commemorative lapel badge and cuff links to celebrate the Lodge’s 75th Anniversary.